Plant a trend with the Elevation range

After an inspiring summer exploring the world of botany with the RHS, we have released unto the world a range of succulents and macramé-hanging kokedama, called the Elevation range.

A tad about our succulent plants:

Vibrant. Colourful. Chic - one might say bohemian - all succulent-based qualities of course…

It is an understatement to say that succulents are having a moment of fame across the plant-loving world. Just peer into some of the greener corridors of Instagram across the last few months and you will notice an influx of succulent addicts (including Tranquil Plants) from all over the world - and for good reason. Succulents are easy to care for, come in every colour of the rainbow and are great in any environment.

Succulents originate from parched environments and salt marshes and thrive on little water, but unlike many plants who can’t handle atmospheres that are different to their natural habitat, succulents are happy in any place and during any season. They get their tell-tale name from the nourishing sap in their leaves (sucus is sap in Latin). The well-known aloe vera plant is a type of succulent.

A handy tip: you can easily ‘propagate’ succulents (plant new ones) yourself by taking one of the leaves, drying it out slightly and placing it in moist soil. In this way, their leaves also act as the seed. Pretty cool.

Inspired by these exotic plants, and the inspiring combination of rustic and modern, we have recently released our new range:

A bit about our Temple range:

When you hear the word ‘Temple’, we want you to think of colourful vines creeping round the stone pillars of a desert temple, hidden in an oasis of palm trees, fresh water springs and golden sands. Its grand rooms are adorned with engraved mandalas, evocative artwork, hidden treasures… And succulents. Got that image? Great. Now just transfer that to your room, kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you’d like it to be, and the succulent will bring that image to life… (or it has done for us, anyway!)

The Temple range hangers, handmade with macramé, go perfectly with succulents but can also be paired with any other Tranquil Plant. Their slate bases are sturdy and carry a rustic but modern edge to them.

So why go for hanging plants?

Good question - there are many reasons to choose hanging plants. Of course, it depends upon your personal preference, but here are just a few reasons why they may be for you:

They’re modest in space - although it may sound as if they take up more room than normal sitting plants, if you're short on windowsills or surface area then hanging plants are an excellent, space-saving choice. You can hang them from the walls, ceilings or anywhere indoors without much trouble.

ALTITUDE! - there's just something really cool about a hanging plant, would you not agree?

Colourific - with a funky new range of colours to choose from, you can easily personalise your kokedama to suit the style and colours of the rest of your abode.

Handmade macramé hangers add some real jazz to your moss ball plant (and also keep them warm in the winter). You can hang them from the kitchen ceiling to inspire your cooking, or decorate your shower with a few to sing to in the mornings. The creative versatility of the hanging design offers an opportunity to start collecting, and building, your own Japanese-inspired 'hanging garden'; a mini garden in the air that will make your house look like Babylon. There are so many options, it just takes a bit of inspiration and creativity (check out our Instagram for more ideas)!