Memorable Mother's Day Plant Gifts

 Whilst a bouquet of flowers is of course always welcome, our unique Kokedama plants will last and stay fresh for years with the right love and care, making them perfect, memorable gifts for your loved ones.

This Mother’s Day we are offering pre-order plant gift bundles which are the perfect way to express your love and appreciation. These bundles include the Kokedama of your choice, a plant tray, some chocolates, and a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ message. We will include a pamphlet with easy plant care tips to follow and will guarantee delivery on time for the special day.

Our Tranquil Kokedama plants not only look great, but they can help to purify the air in your homes and bring peace and tranquillity into your indoor environments.

Our Coco-Fibre range are a suitable option for those looking to gift low-maintenance and super easy-care plants, as they require less attention than our moss Kokedama and Bonsai Trees. Alternatively, Bonsai are known to live many years and our beginner friendly options make them excellent, memorable plants to send to the wonderful women in your lives.

Ficus Ginseng Mother's Day Bonsai Tree

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Pre-order before Tuesday 22nd March. Delivery is free for all UK orders.

Happy Mother’s Day from the Tranquil Plants family!