Kokedama plant care guidelines

Kokedama plant care guidelines

Kokedama Plant Care GuideTranquil plants are Kokedama which are sometimes called "Japanese string gardens" or "Kokedama hanging gardens". We also make and our special bonsai kokedama moss ball plants. They are easy to care for but it is important to follow the instructions for each plant variety which you can find on the specific plant descriptions in the shop. Here are some good general guidelines and you can also find more information in the frequently asked questions page too.

If the plant feels `light` then the plant needs to be watered.

Please check the specific plant care guide found on the individual plant's web page. MAKE SURE FULLY SUBMERGE MOSS BALL UNDER WATER SO IT BUBBLES.

If any leaves go brown or spotted cut them off from the stem so it doesn’t affect the rest of the plant.

For the moss to stay fresh, it helps to give it a spray of water now and again when it feels dry. This will depend on the humidity in your home.

Refer to the Fertilzing guidelines in the care guide. Feeding is done by adding the liquid fertilizer to the water used to soak the moss ball when watering the plant.

On rare occasions, mould can form on the moss. This will be due to too much watering or lack of air around the plant. If this happens, wipe off the mould with diluted washing up liquid.

Sometimes with watering, if the plant doesn’t bubble, you will need to squeeze the moss ball a little to loosen the moss and soil, or it is already full of water.

If roots grow out of the moss ball which is rare, you can:

1. Leave them as it doesn't affect the plant and creates an interesting look.
2. Trim them.
3. Plant the whole moss ball in a pot or
4. Ask for a re-moss service.

If a moss ball string loosens, slacken it a bit more and re-tie to bottom of the plant.

Keeping your moss green

If the moss is really brown it is not going to come back to life. So, it’s best to catch it before it turns. If you notice that your moss is going brown pop the moss ball (only) into the clear bag provided (see image on the right).

It will need some sun as a dark area will not create the humid environment that the moss needs. Try to keep the bag sealed so that it creates a greenhouse effect by using your peg, also sent with the plant. For this to work properly the bag needs to generate humidity. So you are looking for a fine mist on the inside of the bag, it helps to lightly mist the bog before adding your moss ball.

If you have a puddle in the bottom you have too much water and your moss will also go brown.
If you no longer have the clear bag or peg, find a bag which is thin and clear to pop your moss ball in. Try leaving it in the bag for 1 week, without opening it. If it needs more, pop it back in and keep it sealed for another week.

Please note whilst using the bag is a moist environment, mould can form. This is not a problem, it just needs some air for the mould to disappear.