Birds Nest Fern kokedama fresh air plant coco fibre by Tranquil Plants
Birds Nest Fern kokedama indoor fresh air plant coco fibre Tranquil Plants Christmas gifts
Birds Nest Fern kokedama fresh air plant coco fibre for interior design by Tranquil Plants
Birds Nest Fern kokedama fresh air plant coco fibre Tranquil Plants
Birds Nest Fern kokedama fresh air plant coco fibre from Tranquil Plants for home interiors

Pre-order Christmas Coco Fibre Birds Nest Fern

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  • This low-maintenance Bird's Nest fern is perfect for office and home alike.
  • This plant really adds that tropical look to any living space - turn your desk or windowsill into piece of natural influence.
  • This is a 'Fresh Air' plant that takes in CO2 and gives out O2 in abundance!
  • The coco-fibre covering of the soil ball is much easier to look after than moss coverings.
  • Christmas pre-orders will be available from the 12th of November until the 15th of December - get your new plant friends while stock lasts!
  • Want to add more pizazz to your present? Well, add some accessories and other personalisation options from the 'Add on products' section.
  • All Christmas pre-orders will be dispatched approximately the 20th of December and will be delivered approximately on the 23rd of December - just in time for Christmas!
  • Due to high volumes of orders this time of the year, unfortunately, we cannot offer a messaging function with all our orders, however, all pre-orders will include a generic seasonal greeting.
  • Please note, we highly recommend taking your plant/bonsai order out of the box once you receive it while keeping the clear plastic bag, to give it some sunlight exposure, ventilation, and some watering if necessary. You can always replace it back in the box ready to be presented to your friends and family.

Plant Related Information/FAQs:


How long will my Tranquil Plant last?

If all the optimal living and growing requirements are met, your plant or bonsai friend will last indefinitely! If you need additional guidance, please consult our care guides, or contact us directly.


Does the moss ball restrict the growth and health of the plant or bonsai tree?

No, not at all – it does not alter the natural life processes or growth of your new friend. So, in summary, given the right care and attention, your new plant friend will keep growing and thriving. However, please be aware that keeping your plant or bonsai friend trimmed and shaped is part of the bonsai art and culture!


Can I hang my Tranquil Plant?

Yes, kokedamas are known for being hung using strong string to form Japanese hanging gardens. There are many varieties of hangers for kokedamas, feel free to search around or get a string hanger from our shop!


Why is my moss ball not bubbling when I water it?

Firstly, you will need to submerge the moss ball in water completely; this will allow the moss ball to absorb water which will be marked by the bubbles surfacing. However, this phenomenon can be quite subtle – so as long as you fully submerge your moss ball, it should absorb the water it needs! Sometimes, a little squeeze on the moss ball will allow it to contract and take in more water.


Can I re-pot my Kokedama plant or bonsai?

Yes, you may re-pot your plant or bonsai in a pot that is slightly bigger than the original soil ball. You can cut the strings holding together the moss, and place the soil ball inside a pot and fill it with soil and compost. We recommend using pots that have drainage on them, otherwise the water will sit in the pot and set in root rot which will lead to the death of the plant and/or the bonsai. Additionally, we recommend using general purpose compost for the ferns and special bonsai soil mix, or at the minimum ericaceous compost for bonsai trees. You may also buy bonsai pots in our shop!

Will ‘hardwater’ affect the health my plant and/or bonsai?

 Across the country, there will be ‘hardwater’ areas. The prolonged use of ‘hardwater’ or water that have a high mineral content and/or chlorine can affect the health of your plant or bonsai. We recommend, if possible, to use filtered water from your regular water filter or collect some rainwater. You can always use a mixture of both!


There are bugs in my plant or bonsai, what do I do?

Insects and bugs can be attracted to your plant or bonsai, and it is a natural process. However, not all insects are harmful, for example, earthworms are very beneficial for your plant!

In the event of finding bugs such as aphids on your plant which can be marked by shiny and sticky liquid present in the leaves (honeydew), please do not panic – it can happen and there are simple solutions to get rid of them.

We suggest mixing a solution of dish soap and water at a ratio of 1:10, and spray the affected areas once a week until the bugs are gone, please note that over-spraying can affect the health of your plant. For more persistent bugs, please use specially formulated insecticides such as Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer, or more natural alternatives such as Neem oil. Please follow the instructions before application!



Service-Related Information/FAQs:


How long does it normally take for a delivery?

We operate on a 3-5 business day dispatch and delivery; we are open from Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays and weekends. We cannot do one day or specific day deliveries, however, consult with one of our team so we can advise you on the optimal date to order so your Tranquil Plant can arrive closer or for the specific date you wanted it.


Do you offer a re-mossing service?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a re-mossing service currently – this may change in the future, so stay tuned in our social media channels! Although, as an alternative, we sell a ‘Do it yourself’ wrapping kit consisting of our low maintenance Coco fibre. The Coco fibre wrap kit contains all the necessary items that you will need to re-wrap your plant or bonsai friend – most importantly, the Coco fibre does not require a regular misting! Handy for busy but keen plant lovers! Visit our accessories section in our store for the wrap kit.


Returns and Refunds

Occasionally our plants can suffer a bumpy journey on their way to you, if you receive any damaged plants or products, please notify us as soon as possible so we can resolve the matter quickly. We offer refunds/replacements within the first 28 days after delivery if the plant has serious or lasting damage. All of our plants leave our greenhouse in excellent condition, if it has lost a leaf or two in transit it should bounce back and recover very quickly once settled in its new home.


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