How we install Kokedamas

We can install plants in any space with the least damage possible by using the fixing methods shown bellow. Especially by using magnetic devices, suction and sticky hooks and clips, we ensure that when your installation is taken own or modified no damage is made. We also have heavy duty fixings for bigger installations.   


Hanging plant shop window installation

Hanging Plant Installation Design


Hanging Plant Methods

Hanging Plant Installation Design Hook Methods


  1. This is a general sketch of a kokedama when installed using a magnetic fixer.
  2. Magnetic hangers. These can be attached to steel ceiling grids in offices and other magnetic surfaces. They hold up to 18 kilograms. The average kokedama weighs only 1kg, so these easily hold the weight of one or more plants. They also enable the flexibility of moving the installation around quite freely.
  3. Sticky hanging hooks. These have a sticky side which can be attached to walls/any flat vertical surface and are damage-free.
  4. Suction hangers. These can be attached to flat vertical surfaces, ensure no damage and gives the ability to move plants around to suit your taste.
  5. Simple screw-in hooks. These can be screwed into the ceiling and are very stable but they are not damage-free. They also do not give the full flexibility of magnetic and suction hangers to be able to move the plants once installed.
  6. ’S’ hooks. Similar in function to carabiners, these can be attached to grids, bars, or other hanging devices (see keys 8-10) and are damage-free and flexible.
  7. Office clips. These can be clipped into the partition between square slats in the ceiling of an office, are stable and damage-free. These are perfect for a simple office installation.
  8. Aluminium bars. On these bars, which can be attached to the ceiling, it is possible to install multiple plants either by using ’S’ hooks or by simply lassoing the string over the bar.
  9. Wooden beam with bar attached. This performs a similar function to the aluminium bar but is more classy. Again, it is possible to use ’S’ hooks to install the plants onto these or just to lasso the string over the bar.
  10. Grid hanger. This is a special type of grid, hung from the ceiling, on which it is possible to install multiple plants at varying points. These are great to use in corners or small spaces (see illustrations such as the ‘office fresh air cluster’)
  11. Draining device/drip tray. Our plants are extremely easy to look after, and this watering tray prevents drips. This makes it very easy to maintain the plants and leave theme to drain for ten minutes before hanging them up again.

It is also possible to install plants using the features already present in the chosen environment. For instance, we can lasso plants from long ceiling beams, or install from spiral stair cases and so forth. Sometimes a creative mixture of different types of fixing methods gives the best results.

Other points:

We feel that the kokedama look fantastic in clusters, especially in a corner space or near a window (see sketches and Pinterest boards for inspiration).

We have a rope device to easily adjust the length of rope when installing, making the plants easy to display.

Not a natural gardener or plant person? Have no fear! Kokedama are so easy to look after and require very little maintenance. Visit our website for more information on this. After watering and draining (see key 11 and 11a) they can be hung back up and won’t drip.

We can also install large hanging plants (see our gallery) like we have done for YouTube, TedX and restaurants that really bring a ‘wow!’- factor and enchantment to your space. We can use different colour string for hanging plants and transparent fishing line to make them look as if they are levitating. We can modify our plants to suit any atmosphere and establishment, whether colourful, green, rustic or modern; just contact us and we will happily go over it with you.

We do free quotations, just call us on 01509768865 or email us at:

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Here’s to bringing the outside in, and creating that wow factor with Kokedama!

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