Kokedama Orchid
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Orchid (Phalaenopsis) Purple

Orchid (Phalaenopsis) Purple

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  • This Orchid is easy to maintain and has flowers that can last over a month and will re-flower throughout the year.
  • Also known as Moth orchids because the beautiful flowers often resemble moths in flight.
  • The plant is approx  25 cm height and is rooted in a ball of soil with  green moss wrapped around it. Approx 13 to 15cm diameter and comes on a ceramic Bonsai drip tray 15cm x 11cm.
  • Please ensure you unwrap your orchids with care as we wrap our orchids in cotton wool to protect the flowers during transit. 
  • Cutting back flower stems to a node will  encourage further flower production. 

How long will my Tranquil Plant last?

​It all comes down to the environment and conditions that you give your plant. It is the same as any potted plant and needs to be watered (submerged) when the moss ball feels dry.

How often should I water my kokedama plant?

On the web-page for each plant we have icons which tell you how often each of our plants need watering, how much sun they need and whether they're one of our air purifying plants. Watering is easy, just submerge the whole moss ball in a clean bucket of water until it stops bubbling. Plants love rain water, but it is not necessary if don’t have any.
Also if you are planning on going away for a while then watering the plant 2 days before going away and wrapping the plant in the provided plastic bag will help to keep the plant moist during your holidays!

Does being in a moss ball restrict the plant or prevent it from growing happily?

​No, not at all, it does not alter the natural life process or growth, in fact it really helps. You can see bubbles form and you will know exactly how much water your plant needs. * Remember, you do need to keep fertilizing your plant in Spring, Summer, and Autumn, but not in Winter like all other plants.

How can I keep my Tranquil Plant healthy and happy?

​A few top tips include: In winter keep plants away from internal heating. Plants love to be sprayed with water. Make sure your plants have some fresh air around them. Cut off any brown or spotted leaves so it doesn’t draw away nutrients from the plant. Some people love singing to their plant, others love to give their plants names. At Tranquil plants we love nothing more than a cup of Earl Grey and a chat with our beauties every morning.

What happens if my plants roots start to come out of the moss ball?

​It is rare for the roots to come out, if any do, they are normally anchor roots which are not feeder roots and you can cut them off, it won’t affect the plant, unless it is an orchid. So the 3 options are:
1. Leave the roots as it doesn’t affect the plant and creates an interesting look.
2. Trim them.
3. Plant the whole moss ball in a pot

How can I hang my Tranquil Plant?

You can ask for one of our simple Tranquil Plant sting hangers seen on our ferns, or buy one of our temple hangers. And you can use a screw, hook or nail to hang them from. Also you can put a hanging plant on a plate too.

Does internal heating, air conditioning affect my Tranquil Plant?

Yes – internal heating, air conditioning, and underfloor heating can affect your plants. To avoid this we recommend that you spray the leaves of the plant with water to keep them hydrated. Also keep them near a source of ventilation.

Why doesn’t my moss ball bubble when I water it?

It is because you haven’t completely submerged the moss ball in water.
It is essential that the water covers the moss ball. Sometimes you might need to squeeze it a little to help the water soak deep into the moss ball.

How do I fertilize my plant?

Use a Liquid Fertiliser, Baby Bio Fertiliser is available for purchase on our store in accessories. The individual fertiliser will provide guidelines for how often you need to fertilise the plant.

Easy to care for Water plant fortnightly Partial sun

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