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Top 5 tips for relaxing with your Tranquil Plant(s)

  The Tranquil team would like to help you get the most out of your kokedama, so here are five top tips for relaxing with your mossy companion(s). For more tips, tricks and updates on how to fully utilise your kokedama, you can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (just search ‘Tranquil Plants’), and make sure to keep an eye on our blogs. 1. Listen to music A smart man named Gustav Theodor Fechner once argued that plants have souls, and therefore they must love music! Well, at the workshop we’re constantly humming tunes and putting the radio on for our...

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Plant a trend with the Elevation range

After an inspiring summer exploring the world of botany with the RHS, we have released unto the world a range of succulents and macramé-hanging kokedama, called the Elevation range. A tad about our succulent plants: Vibrant. Colourful. Chic - one might say bohemian - all succulent-based qualities of course… It is an understatement to say that succulents are having a moment of fame across the plant-loving world. Just peer into some of the greener corridors of Instagram across the last few months and you will notice an influx of succulent addicts (including Tranquil Plants) from all over the world -...

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How can plants help to alleviate hay fever symptoms and detox the air?

It is stated that one in five of us in the UK suffer from hay fever - about 12 million - and anyone who lives with it knows how debilitating it can be. Been looking for natural solutions? It may seem counter-intuitive but there are in fact many plants that tackle the effects of hay fever —  those that have a low pollen content and ‘grab’ allergens in their leaves are perfect air cleansers. These little fellas are known as ‘fresh air plants’ Now, before you become sceptical at how a plant could clean the air as opposed to, for...

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