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Kokedama Corporate Gifts

Organisations like car firms, solicitors’ firms and digital media corporations have been coming to Tranquil Plants for their corporate gifting needs, and we offer them our kokedama products: unique, inspiring plants that are easy to care for, environmentally friendly and perfect ornaments in all homes, workplaces and places of leisure.  Tranquil Plants are special gifts for four reasons:  They promote care of the environment. Plants like ferns, palms and ivies are scientifically proven by NASA to purify the air of toxins. You can read more about this in our blog here: Purifying benefits of fresh air plant Our moss ball plants originate in ancient Japan and hark back to a more mindful age,...

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Kokedama Installations

There’s something fantastic, and oddly surreal, about popping into the local cafe and drinking a coffee underneath a community of colourful hanging plants.  Since our four-star grandstand award at RHS Chelsea in May 2017, we have been expanding our Tranquil roots into a new arena of green-thumbed service: installations. A few months ago in London we set up a display of hanging ‘Kokedama’ (moss ball plants), which were perched like royalty from aluminium fixers along the ceiling… This provided an interesting natural backdrop for contrast with the internet theme of the event, ‘Creators for Change’, hosted by YouTube. We have...

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Corporate Plant Gifts

Corporate gifting Instead of a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine, companies are choosing to go that extra mile to give back to their clients by sending them a meaningful gift with an environmental and positive message. Tranquil Plants have been moving into the field of corporate gifting, helping companies to send an inspiring and green message across to their clientele. Organisations like solicitors’ firms, digital media corporations and jewellery companies have been coming to Tranquil Plants for a fresh, inspiring take on corporate gifting, and we offer them kokedama: unique, inspiring plants that are easy to care...

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The Air-Purifying Benefits of Plants

Is my air really that polluted? Perhaps you think you aren’t afflicted by pollution too badly. It seems like an abstract and far-off issue to many of us, something we can ignore for now or let the government deal with. Well, Tranquil Plants have got news for you. Even if you live in an environment where you are free from the oppressive smog of larger cities, or an area far off from any polluting factors outside, the threat of air pollution follows you even into your own home. It is probably affecting you as you read. Just because we cannot...

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How to take care of your plants in Winter

Plants (especially Tranquil Plants) don’t ask for too much attention from their owners, but all plants are affected in some way by winter changes. It is advisable to look out for and expect some specific symptoms, and combat them with the green-fingered wisdom explained in the following six points. In general, most houseplants are less active in  winter months. This is because the days are shorter and so there is less light for the plant to feed on. Some plants even go completely dormant! (For example, most trees in the winter appear dead with their leaves completely gone, but in...

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